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​​Silver Cowgirl Art Jewelry

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Silver Cowgirl

​​Unique, Affordable Art Jewelry

Artist Statement

Joanne is a native of New York, having spent most of her life on Long Island living close to the ocean. She moved to Albuquerque in August of 1998, having traveled between Long Island and New Mexico for approximately 2 1/2 years before settling in the Southwest. 

During her adult years on Long Island, there were subtle hints that the Southwest would one day be her home. A constellation that she saw every winter made her look back towards her youth and then forward to her future in New Mexico. Gifts of clothing were all signs indicating her move to the Desert Southwest.

The ocean has been calling her back for many,  many years; Joanne has been lucky to be able to move to 'the other coast' with her first true love. They are now residing in the seaside town of Ventura!

Joanne's offbeat style influences her jewelry designs. Joanne takes her inspiration for jewelry design from the beautiful landscapes around her, no matter where she lives. Ever the optimist, she feels that jewelry should be fun . You never know what the day will bring. Each new sunrise and new sunset hold sweet and/or secret promises.

Whimsical jewelry is created using unique materials.  Designs are done in sterling silver, brass, copper and steel, using a variety of beads: stone, glass, semi-precious, resin, seed beads. Vintage, recycled and new materials find their way into Joanne's work including leathers, fabrics and tin. Eucalyptus leaves serve as design templates for bracelets; shells and stones collected from beaches as well as driftwood find their way into my work.

Felted work comes out of her love for fibers. Joanne learned to crochet at her mother’s knee. Since she started crocheting as a young child, using wire as a crochet medium to create necklaces and  high quality yarns to create felted bowls is a natural extension.